Why bother spending time consuming labour raking out the old grout from tiled surfaces when we can renovate it by colour sealing? Call now for a quote.

Professional Tile / Grout Cleaning & Sealing

At Cleanrestore we use colour grout sealer, this is a dynamic product that will restore the look of tile / grout and protect it. It is available in various colours and we can match your existing grout colour or change it completely. Colour seal can make an outstanding difference to your tiled floors appearance and will eliminate variations in your existing grout colour.
Cleaning grout will make a great difference in the appearance of your floor by removing the soil and bacteria trapped on the surface it will create a healthier environment to live in.

Un-sealed grout will be difficult to keep clean and will re-soil rapidly this is why we advise sealing on all grout cleans.

Protection can be achieved by applying either a clear or colour grout sealer after cleaning, it gives for a more enhanced and uniformed appearance.

Benefits of Colour Sealing

  • Colour Sealing can match almost any existing grout colour. So you have a choice to maintain the original grout colour or change the colour of the grout completely.

  • Colour sealing application is virtually odour free so it is applied with the minimum disruption.

  • Colour Sealing eliminates variations in grout colour due to stains, repairs, fading or damage

  • Colour Sealing provides stain resistant, water tight durable protection this will ensures sanitation for years

  • Most noticeably colour seal greatly reduces ongoing maintenance, by being completely impervious to moisture and dirt; the grime cannot penetrate the sealed surface.

  • Harsh cleaning chemicals can be replaced by neutral cleaners