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Chimney Cleaning Limerick

Cleanrestore provides professional services for chimney cleaning in Limerick as well as for flues and stoves. By power sweeping chimneys to clear obstructions and sooty deposits, we are able to address our number one priority - reducing the risk of chimney fires.

While conducting chimney cleaning in Limerick, issues within the flue such as a blockage, birds nest, creosote or a loose liner can be discovered. In the event that chimney cleaning cannot rectify the issues, we can inspect the flue with a CCTV inspection camera. Clients can choose to proceed with a CCTV inspection following a conversation with our expert team.

We at Cleanrestore pride ourselves on our efficient chimney cleaning service. We always respect the area in which we are working and ensure all excess debris and dirt is removed.

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Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

  • Facilitate efficient inspections

  • Increased heating efficiency

  • Keep smoke out of your home

  • Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  • Protection against chimney fires

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I complete chimney cleaning?

    Chimneys used for burning smokeless fuel should be swept at least once a year whereas those burning domestic bituminous coal or wood should be cleaned at least twice a year. Get in touch with us to arrange chimney cleaning in Limerick.

  • How much does chimney cleaning cost?

    Final pricing for chimney cleaning will depend on a number of elements. Contact Cleanrestore to share your specific requirements in order to receive accurate pricing.